WhoHAA Account

How Do I Sign-up as a WhoHAA Member?

Signing up as a WhoHAA member is easy and free.  You will only need to have a valid email address and a mobile number to complete the sign-up process.  As WhoHAA is a reward programme where members are able to earn points and redeem for varieties of items.  Membership application needed to be stringent to minimise fraudulent and or duplication of sign-up.

Your email used to sign-up for WhoHAA programme need to be activated first to confirmed you are the rightful owner.  An email activation code will be sent to your email and upon your activation will allow you to login to WhoHAA.

To login to WhoHAA, click on the “login” on the top right corner, enter your email address which is used as your login ID, followed by your password.  Once you have login, you will be directed to your Profile Page, where you need to verify your mobile number, provide your date of birth as well as address.

Verification of mobile number is required to minimize duplicate member sign-up as it is easier to create multiple email compared to registering numerous mobile numbers.  To verify your mobile number, click on the “verify” button which will bring you to a new page to request for a TAC code.  Request for a TAC code and it will be SMSed to your registered mobile number.  Insert the TAC as provided and submit to complete your member sign-up process.

With your mobile number verified, you can start earning points by visiting our sponsors’ ads and responds correctly to their questions.

Why do you need my mobile number?

WhoHAA is a reward programme whereby sponsors allocate points to members who correctly understand about their key message.  These points are of monetary value which can be use to redeem for products / services.

To eliminate duplicate or fraudulent membership base, WhoHAA tries to minimise the creation of multiple fake memberships by requiring all members to be verified against their mobile number.  It is less likely that many people has multiple mobile numbers compared to creating numerous email accounts.

Why I could not receive the TAC for my mobile verification?

When you sign-up for WhoHAA membership, you will need to pass through 2 level verification process. The first is the confirmation of your email address and second is mobile verification.  Both verification actions are required to confirm your identity as well as to eliminate possible fake registration.

It has brought to our attention that several new members signing up encounter problem such as not receiving the TAC despite numerous request for TAC to verify your mobile number.  A recent check with our SMS gateway provider reveal that they do not support new mobile number starting from 01120000000 to 01129999999. Thus if your mobile number is among these unsupported numbers, you will not received the TAC as our SMS provider cannot send to you.

In this case, you are advise to drop our support an email, and we will send you the TAC via another SMS provider.  Our technical team is now exploring various options to resolve this issue.

Why is my Account being suspended?

You have earlier sign-up for WhoHAA programme and has been actively earning points from WhoHAA sponsors.  However, one day when you try to login to your account, you get a message saying that your account has been suspended and are urge to write to WhoHAA support.

Please be reminded that WhoHAA programme is about sponsors giving away points for your participations in WhoHAA programme, and we are responsible to ensure that all members participating in WhoHAA programme are genuine, real living legitimate beings who fulfil WhoHAA membership requirements.

Various security measures are put in places to defer unauthorised, system bot from signing up for WhoHAA programmes and more stringent routine checks are carried out on registered members to identify multiple, duplication of identity.  Creating multiple accounts using unauthorised personal identify, or non-existence identity will result in your account being suspended.  If you think that your account has been wrongly suspended, you may appeal by writing to WhoHAA.

How can I change my email login for WhoHAA.com?

Your email address is use as the login ID when signing up for WhoHAA.com programme.  Thus, it is advisable to use an email address which you frequently use.  It is not advisable to use your company’s email to sign-up because you do not have ultimate access to that particular email.

In the event that you need to change your email, you will need to write in to WhoHAA support team with your existing email address, and request for change of email address.  Provide us your new email address and a confirmation will be send to your new email address.  Follow the instructions sent to the new email and upon fulfilling all the requirements to ensure the authenticity of the change request, your login email will be updated as per your request.

In any situation that you request assistance, please write to WhoHAA support team.


How do I edit my shipping address?

You have initiated an redemption request and received a confirmation email from WhoHAA system.  You realised that you have miss out vital information in your address or there are errors.  You wish to know how you can edit these information without the need to call WhoHAA support team.

As long as your redemption item has not been shipped, meaning it is still under pending, processing status, you may still edit the shipping address.

To edit your shipping address, simply login to your WhoHAA account —> My Account —> Redeem Buy History.  Here you will be able to view you recent redeem transactions.  Click on “edit” to update the shipping address and wait patiently for your redeemed items to arrive.

edit address

My tracking ID has no status nor exist

You will receive a tracking code or ID whenever we shipped your redemption item to you.  This tracking code will be contain in our email notification sent to you as well as reflect in your redeem-buy history tab in your member areas.

Tracking code is make available to you once we received this code from our logistic partner, which could be selective courier companies, or POS Malaysia via registered post.  It is possible that when you checked via their tracking website/ system, that the code provided to you does not exist yet. This is mainly due to the time we update our system against these courier companies update into their system.

Post status for POS Malaysia has been inconsistent where we were told that they do not update their job status on real-time for the tracking system, nevertheless, if you need real-time status update, the alternative would be call their help line 1300-300-300 where they can provide you POS Daftar status.

If you suspect that after sometime, your redeem item has yet to arrived and no status available, you may alert WhoHAA support team to investigate.


How Can I refer my friends to join?

Share with your friends about WhoHAA so that they too can benefit from WhoHAA programme, where they get informative information from our sponsors and earn points.  If your friends sign-up through your given link, you earn referral points which will see you accumulating more points and be able to redeem for products of your choices.

Referring your friends to join WhoHAA is easy.  You only need to share your referral link and when they click upon the link to come to WhoHAA site, and upon successfully sign-up, you get 100 points.  To get your referral link, login to WhoHAA —> My Account —> Refer a Friend tab

refer a friend

Copy and paste your referral link in your Facebook page, twitters, include as your email signature and or even blog about it and provide this link so that your friends land on WhoHAA page through your link.
Every successfully referral sign-up by you will earn you 100 points and it will be recorded and you can see them listed in your Member’s Account Overview.